Long story short:

Using my web designing and video editing skills, as basic as they are, my goal was to create a website that is bullshit-free, jargon-free and to the point. A website that will inform you of the dangers of the trading universe and teach you the best way to trade and profit from the market to date.

About me:

My name is Stoyan Ivanov and I’m a trader. I was born in 1987 and I have been trading since 2005. I spent my first five years trying to find a way to profit from trading. I tried everything. I really, really tried. I tried the fundamentals, I tried your every day indicators, I tried “top secret” indicators, I tried Fibonacci, I tried Elliot, I tried Gann, I tried expensive trading robots, I tried expensive trading strategies and even thought about trying astronomy.

And… Guess what. Nothing worked. Notice that I’m not saying I couldn’t make anything work, I’m saying nothing worked because this information, these instructions for trading are fundamentally misleading and wrong. I saw a lot of “proof” that they worked and it was convincing, but this “proof” was and still is absolute bullshit. It’s either fake or they are showing you a textbook example of how it does indeed work but they never show you the other ten times it fails miserably… This, of course is my point of view, but all of these indicators, Fibonacci and other trading strategies are all bullshit. Most of the information out there, about trading is either total bullshit or absolutely useless.

If you didn’t know, the trading industry profits big time. The industry profits from the sale of stupid, useless, bullshit information on the best ways to lose your money. Of course that is not what they will tell you. The brokers, which are a big part of the industry, profit not just from brokering, i.e. from spreads and commissions but they also get to keep what traders lose… Just like casinos do. And traders lose big time, because as I said, most of the information out there, about trading is either total bullshit or absolutely useless. I know this, not just because of my unique trading experience but also because I used to work for the industry. The business of the industry is to keep traders stupid and losing and still trading. And business is good.

Anyway, five years into my trading career, I was losing my money and I managed to destroy several of my accounts. No, I don’t quit easily. By that time I knew so much stuff that didn’t work that I kind of knew what I had to look for. Something fundamentally different. When you get experienced in trading with what the industry will happily offer you, you can kind of see how that stuff would work, it’s all mathematical formulas and patterns. It’s all different, but it’s kind of all the same. All that “great” stuff works in some conditions and fails utterly in other market conditions. I looked everywhere, but nobody could explain to me, in any way that made sense, why any of it is supposed to work at all. What is the connection between these indicators and all that other stuff and the market and price. It’s like magic. It’s made up. Golden ratio and all that bullshit. Maybe it works, maybe someone can make money with that stuff… But did I understand why and how it works? Nope. When I don’t understand how and why something works, it feels like magic to me. It’s pure chance. It’s luck and that’s for gamblers.

The thing about me is that I have a very low tolerance level for stupid bullshit and I love it when answers and solutions are logical, exact, elegant and based on real world facts and observations. In short, I love science. So, I was looking for something fundamentally different that can be explained easily and easily understood. I really thought there had to be an intelligent way of trading the market, far from the bullshit I was used to at that point. And… I finally found it. And it was beautiful. Elegant, logical and clean. Exactly as I thought it should be. After all, the market is equally complex.

This something I found, it’s called price action trading and it’s pure science.

About the website:

When I was studying for my bachelors degree in finance I had to google a lot of stuff. I came across this website called mbabullshit.com. And back then it was a rudimentary, clear and to the point website that explained a lot of confusing financial jargon and formulas in a very simple and effective way. In less than 4 hours on that website I learned more than I did from university in 4 years. I’m not joking! I admit I’m not a very good student but with this website everything suddenly clicked into place and started making sense. I got goosebumps, I was mind blown. I had just realized that I wasted 4 years of my life and here was this guy explaining everything financial with a simple example with his grandma and a $100 bill. And it was all so simple. How could this be possible and how can our education system be so bad. This is the education system bullshit.

A few years later, when I learned about price action, I had the exact same feeling of relief and clarity… kind of like a deja vu. The relief that my search was finally over. The clarity that what I knew so far was absolute bullshit. I could not believe it, how could all of this information be so utterly useless. No wonder every trader, left and right, is losing money. Price action was so different, so clear and so simple. Infinitely better. Everything finally clicked into place and started making sense. I finally understood what trading was all about. Holy shit, you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes when something complicated is explained in a simple and logical way.

I fully realize that I won’t win any web design competitions here but that is not the purpose of this website. What mbabullshit.com did for me back then I want to do the same with AnalyzeThis for traders that are struggling or just beginning.

The articles that I have written give the context in which traders exist today and they are there to warn and protect traders from themselves and from the industry’s bullshit. If you don’t like what I have to tell you, don’t even start trading.

The trading course contains much more paid content and it’s designed to explain in clear, very simple, bullshit-free and jargon-free terms how the market actually behaves and why and to educate traders how to trade price action profitably.